soil is a range of products made from diatomaceous earth using plastering techniques, which let us directly benef it from the natural breathing material that excels at moisture retention and absorption. 

We have successfully condensed and packed this natural blessing in the graciously designed articles, which are gentle enough for sensitive skin and highly recyclable. soil will help shape a better future in eco-friendly and people-friendly ways. 

What is diatomaceous earth? 

Diatomaceous earth, or diatomite, is formed from the fossilised remains of phytoplankton that accumulate over hundreds of thousands of years at the bottom of seas and lakes. In Japan, the three regions that are renowned for products made of diatomaceous earth, and charcoal stoves in particular, are Hokkaido, the Tohoku region and the Noto peninsular. 

When heated, diatomaceous earth turns into a substance of porous structure (with numerous pores on the micrometer scale) with high water absorption and moisture retention properties. Our“soil”products are created from diatomaceous earth by the meticulous handicraft of our expert plasterers. Since no overglazing or processing treatments are used in the production of“soil”products, after use they will eventually return to their original, natural state 


Safety of diatomaceous earth 

Diatomaceous earth is completely safe to come in contact with the body, and our products have even passed rigorous food standard inspections. In fact, diatomite was used as a food additive, as filler for biscuits, during the days after World WarII. 



There are four colors of“soil”products : white products are made of the earth from Akita, pink ones are made of the earth from Noto, Ishikawa, and green ones and black ones are made of the earth from Akita mixed with the green earth and pigment, and with charcoal pigment respectively. The color of black products may fade since natural pigment is used. Therefore, black products are limited to a few items such as coasters, pot stands and candle holders. 

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