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Hum hum shop has been established to bring the very best of Japanese design and quality to European customers.
We strive to provide the best customer service and deliver orders as quickly as possible.

Why hum hum shop?

Founded by Asuka Nozaki, formerly of Liberty’s, Bamford and many other UK fashion and lifestyle companies, this new shop, selling modern, traditional and distinctly quirky Japanese designed products was born out of necessity.

“When I lived in England,” says Asuka, “I found it very difficult to find good quality Japanese gifts for my friends and family, all I could find were Geisha postcards and “pocky” sweets. It frustrated me so much,knowing that such amazing and highly designed products were available in Japan but not on the high streets of UK. Even online, the best products were only to be found by trawling through the Japanese websites and as these were mostly written in Japanese. Most Europeans were prevented from seeing how great and interesting they were.

Seeing a distinct gap in the market Asuka decided it was time to fill it with her own online shop, Hum Hum.

Hum Hum will contain the very best of Japanese design and quality. There will be lots of colour, lots of innovation and definitely some very quirky items which we know people will love.

“People love to give and receive innovative and unusual gifts” says Asuka. “In my store, I hope they will find everything they are looking for and many things they could never even imagine, with Japanese sense of humour.”

We hope you enjoy our shop and find something nice for someone you love.